Four Florida cities are listed as the fastest-growing ‘Boomtowns’ in the country

Colorful houses in Fort Myers, Florida — Courtesy: Shutterstock — lunamarina

Four cities in the Sunshine State were listed among the top-growing towns in the United States in a report by SmartAsset.

The financial information website conducted a study that researched 494 of the U.S.’s largest municipalities for their population growth, housing, income, and other categories.

Their study found that the South and the West made up the majority of the top fastest-growing cities. Nampa, Idaho was the number one “boomtown.”

After experiencing a sharp rise in population, income, and housing over the course of five years starting in 2016, SmartAsset reported that Fort Myers had made it into the top 10 fastest-growing cities for the first time. Fort Myers was ranked 27th in 2021.

Fort Myers, however, experienced the 14th-highest five-year population gain, according to the 2022 study. Over the same time period, there was a 47 percent increase in the number of employees.

Riverview, Port St. Lucie, and Homestead were the three other Florida cities on the list.

Top 10 Boomtowns in America

  1. Nampa, Idaho
  2. Meridian, Idaho
  3. Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  4. New Braunfels, Texas
  5. Fort Myers, Florida
  6. Conroe, Texas
  7. Menifee, California
  8. Pasco, Washington
  9. Lewisville, Texas
  10. Chino, California

Tips for Relocating to a Boomtown

“Moving to a boomtown at its earliest stages can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors, as there’s still plenty of room for growth. And for those who are looking for a job, there are usually plenty of opportunities available in rapidly growing cities,” says Edith Reads, senior editor at TradingPlatforms. “However, if a city has already reached its peak, it may be too late to get in on the action. In this case, it may be wiser to wait until the city’s growth slows down before making the move. This way, you can avoid getting caught in the midst of a housing or job crunch.”

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