6 Plants and Flowers Native to Florida That You May Not Know About

Photo Credit: chutima kuanamon/Shutterstock.com Here in Florida, we are known for our beaches, the unforgiving heat, beautiful weather all year-round, theme parks and many other things. But one other thing we should be proud of is our natural beauty, particularly the plants and landscape that surround us that we so often take for granted.  There

The 6 Best Places to View Free-Roaming Monkeys in Florida

Photo Credit: Anut21ng Photo/Shutterstock.com Florida has its fair share of exotic and wild animals. From alligators to manatees and various species of snowbirds. We have it all. But there are places in Florida where animals such as monkeys may roam free and even have their own private island. Several places in Florida, actually. Here, we

Exploring the 11 Best State Parks in Florida

Photo Credit: Joanne Date/Shutterstock Florida is home to over 160 state parks, so there is no shortage of wildlife and natural beauty in this state. If you ask any true Floridian, they will tell you that apart from the white sandy beaches, the state parks in Florida are the best part about living here. You

$100 Million Florida Keys Coral Reef Restoration Project Gets Approved

Photo Credit: K Grif/ Shutterstock The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are ready to restore nearly 3 million square feet of the Florida Reef Tract thanks to an intent to raise almost $100 million to restore seven coral reef sites off the Florida Keys. This is one

FWC Encouraging Homeowners To Kill Invasive Green Iguanas ‘Whenever Possible’

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is reaching out to homeowners across the Sunshine State to help them in the culling of invasive green iguanas.