Stellantis CEO says Auto Brands under the company umbrella will have a future

Image Source: Stellantis

Earlier this year, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Groupe PSA merged to form Stellantis, the 4th largest automobile company by volume in the world. 

With a large portfolio of outstanding and world-class vehicles, the automotive giant seems to have no plans of stopping with its investment in the future. Stellantis is looking to update, upgrade, and revamp its successful line of cars in order to adapt and supply the booming demand in the electric and hybrid vehicle market.

Like many other brands, Stellantis is facing similar challenges of reshaping operations to be able to satisfy and evolve the sector for a more bright automotive future.

Current projections and market trends have EVs as the next mainstream segment in the car industry, with many automakers pledging to transform or offer alternative transmission options in their vehicles within the next decade. 

Chrysler and Dodge Brands

Over the years, American powerhouses Chrysler and Dodge have scaled down their fleet size to fewer cars than most would’ve thought. But with this decision came the opportunity to capitalize on the domestic front with family-oriented and performance muscle cars in mind.

While the two brands have had promising legacies, many questions come up in terms of design overhaul and facelifts for the future. 

According to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, the Research and Development teams at Stellantis are actively exploring options to revamp all brands under its portfolio. It has yet to be seen or heard what the official plans will be moving forward and what things will change exactly, but it should be sooner than later. 

EV Muscle Cars

Perhaps the most daunting challenge for Stellantis would be to preserve the legacy of its muscle cars in the form of the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Durango

The American muscle brand has been pumping out some of the meanest and powerful vehicles on the market since the 1950s, but a shift towards electric spells trouble for brands unwilling or unable to adapt.

Stellantis must carefully examine the Dodge muscle brand and consider the ramifications if they do not make changes to adapt to the growing EV buzz that points to the future.

Luckily, Tavares has pledged to move forward with the Dodge brand, carrying over its signature performance features but with lower CO2 emissions. This move would preserve the legacy of Dodge while also turning the page to stay ahead of the curve.

Looking for Something New

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