ID.4 Electric Vehicle Charging: Inside Look

Photo credit: Volkswagen

The electric vehicle (EV) world can be quite perplexing to understand. In hindsight, who would’ve thought the world would be crawling with battery-powered vehicles in the year 2021? But now that we have breached the surface and potential that electric vehicles can have in our society let’s take an inside look at how they receive and disperse energy to propel the vehicle forward. 

The all-new 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 comes equipped with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) fast-charging capability, opening a whole new world of charging possibilities to Volkswagen users.

Modern Day EV Charging Technology

First, we will take a look at modern-day charging technology. Unlike AC chargers, DC chargers have a converter built-in to the charger, meaning it can deliver power directly to the vehicle’s battery without having to reroute power through an alternating current. In short, DC chargers provide a faster and exciting alternative to its AC counterpart. 

The ID.4 comes standard with a level 1 charger—best used for last-minute or occasional charging, but most drivers will likely opt for the faster and larger capacity level 2 charger. However, they also come with a third option—yes, level 3 charging. For scaling purposes, the Level 3 DC fast charger can power a vehicle from 5 percent battery to 80 percent in just under 40 minutes. But before we go further, let’s see the power each charger produces.

The Batteries and the ID.4

Level 1 standard chargers that come equipped on the ID.4 contain an everyday 120-volt three-prong plug that you’re likely to have in your home or workplace. But as you can imagine, charging a car with such a port would be the equivalent of using chopsticks to eat soup. The amount of time it would take to charge an EV and be effectively used for everyday driving would not be worth using Level 1 home charging. On average, EVs get roughly 2-5 miles of range per hour they are plugged in, meaning it would take about 50 hours or two full days to go from 0-100 percent charge on the ID.4. This option is only viable for drivers who work from home or have the time to charge their vehicle for shorter distances considering the ID.4 provides up to 205 miles on a full tank of juice.  

Level 2 charging provides a better upside via the 240-volt power source—think washing machines or larger kitchen appliances. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this form of charging can take a car from 0-100 percent charge in just about 7.5 hours with amperage ratings ranging from 12 to 80 amps. This level of charging adds an additional 33 miles of range per hour when compared to the level 1 option, ideally making it a top consumer choice.

Lastly, Level 3 DC fast charging. This charging option can boost an EVs charging level from 5-80 percent in just under 40 minutes. Once the car has reached 80 percent, the final 20 percent takes a bit longer—comparable to level 2 speeds. Think of it as the final buffering moments when you download a file online. Volkswagen offers three-years of complimentary fast-charging courtesy of Electrify America, its electric vehicle charging subsidiary.

Volkswagen ID. 4 Charge Time

  • Level 1 (120V outlet) – 0-100% estimated 50 hours*
  • Level 2 (240V outlet) – 0-100% EPA-estimated 7.5 hours.
  • Level 3 (DC fast charging) – 0-80% EPA-estimated at 38 minutes.

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