First-Ever Production Ram 1500 TRX Rebel Sold For Almost Half-Million Dollars

Photo Credit: Ram

Pickup trucks took over the top three spots in first quarter sales in 2021, indicating trucks are becoming a popular option for many drivers.

If the sales don’t point to the fandom behind owning a truck, this recent transaction might. At an auction, a Ram 1500 Rebel TRX sold for a whopping $410,000, going to a charitable foundation.

One lucky owner drove away with an almost half-million dollar truck that can otherwise be had for a fraction of the price. So why did they buy it for so much? While this TRX is nothing vastly different from other production TRX Rebel 1500, this vehicle in specific is a part of the truck maker’s history as the first-ever production 2021 Ram TRX Rebel.

What makes it so valuable and special is that there is only one of these on the planet that can lay claim to being the first off the production line. The value is in the history.

Keep in mind, the first Ram 1500 TRX Rebel, offered in the Launch Edition, quickly sold out at $92,010 MSRP a pop.  

VIN Number 001 For A Great Cause

Vehicle specs aside, the allure and exclusivity that comes with owning a vehicle with the VIN number reading “001” is impressive. The Barrett-Jackson auction finally saw this product sell at a price tag that could have purchased a house in virtually every state across the country. After bidding halted, the vehicle sold for $410,000 and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the United Way of Southeastern Michigan’s 2-1-1 helpline. This charity is focused on helping veterans and their families in the area and will significantly help the veteran community. 

Improvements to the Ram 1500

The popularity of pickups has seen drastic momentum over the past few years as stated earlier. A reflection of what the pickup segment has become is evident through the evolution and introduction of the new trim for the Ram 1500 lineup. From the makers of Ram and Dodge, Stellantis, took some of the class-leading powerful production capabilities used in its Dodge muscle lineup and plugged it into the Ram 1500 pickup. 

With a 702-horsepower powertrain, this Ram truck was pushed to new heights. From the debut back at the 2016 Texas State Fair, this vehicle was destined to be an imposing beast and it’s even better than expected. 

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