2021 Ford Explorer launches all-new Self-Sealing Tire Technology

Image Source: Ford 

The American automaker launched an exciting 2020 Ford Explorer with a slew of new features, including standard Michelin Self-Seal tires. The tires were lined with a unique sealant that was designed to fill in nail and road debris tread punctures.

If the tire were to get punctured, the sealant in the tire would act as a temporary filler to prevent excess air leakage, unlike traditional vehicles. Now in the 2021 Ford Explorer, the automaker has made some important changes to the already innovative tire sealant feature that came out just a year ago.

Tire Tech Changes in 2021

For drivers can expect new changes in the all-new 2021 Ford Explorer in regards to the Michelin Self-Seal tire technology. No longer standard across all trims, interested parties will have to avoid Platinum, and ST trims if they’d like to have the sealant tire option. Instead, Platinum and ST Explorer trims will be equipped with standard all-season tires to conquer all road and weather conditions.

Drivers who would like to get their hands on the self-sealing tires will have to opt for the XLT trim with the addition of the Sport Appearance Package or Limited trims. The Limited Hybrid will be the only vehicle that comes standard with the tires, and other Limited trims will have options to add them.

How does the sealing technology work?

No one should be driving on a flat tire. But, sometimes, a spare tire or inflation kit won’t cut it. Thanks to collaborations from auto and tire makers like Ford and Michelin, driving on a semi-flat is much safer with their self-sealing technology. Instead of struggling to get to the nearest tire center with low PSI levels, the extra lining on the inside of the tire casing affords drivers extra time to get where they need to go before safely addressing the issue. 

Within the tire’s lining, a sticky gel-like polymer adhesive is housed and released to temporarily fill punctures, simulating a patch like the ones provided at tire shops. We recommend checking your tires before moving around for long distances, even if you have the self-sealing tech. Therefore, always make sure to check tire levels before leaving your home or workplace and after arriving at your destination.

Getting in a new 2021 Ford Explorer

Coming in as an IIHS Top Safety Pick in 2021, the Ford Explorer is a great choice for families and individuals looking to step up their midsize SUV game. Buyers can enjoy superior comfort and ride thanks to the Terrain Management System™ that houses seven different driving modes for any terrain or occasion.

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